Media Production

As a production company we specialise in in-house corporate video production, event videos, promotional videos, training videos, event films, music videos and explainer videos

Music Videos

As a event production company our roots are in the music & live events, promote your band by a custom music video

Corporate Videos

Promotional and information videos, client testimonials and case studies

Training Videos

Effective learning – bringing TV production values to your company communications.

Schools & Colleges

A Video Prospectus or a Promotional Video to showcase opportunities for students.

Health Sector

Video communications for internal and external audiences across the Health Sector.

Social Media Videos

Spread the word – interact with your audience – target specific Social Media channels.

Video Adverts

All the impact of a TV commercial – on-line, on television or at the cinema.

Our Steps To Awesome Videos


Our video production service includes pre-production.

Before we move forward into the video production stage of any video, we work with our clients to understand the purpose, style and expected outcome of their video production project.

This provides us with the knowledge to deliver all of our video production on time, on brief and on budget; allowing us to not only meet but exceed our client’s video expectations.


Video Post-Production & Video Editing

Our high-end custom-built video editing systems are ready to breathe life into all of the awesome footage we’ve captured and seeing it come together piece by piece during video editing is one of the most rewarding parts of the video production process.

Our experienced video editors specialise in knowing the best way to piece together your video and ensuring that it’s message and story is clear, in addition to making it that all important perfect length to keep viewers hooked in right to the end.

We spend a long time discussing the overall style of each video production project with our clients and shot length, colour grading, aspect ratio and sound design are just a few of the factors that can be manipulated during the video editing stage.

Music can play an important role in the tone of your video production. It’s a powerful way to evoke and emotional response from your video and drive the story forward. We include a copyright-free music track

End Product

Our Video Production is entirely in-house

All of our video production projects are delivered to our clients in Full HD Video ready to be uploaded to your personal or company website.

We provide both a full size video file and a web compression file designed to be streamed quickly online, minimizing those all-important video loading times.

Our in-house video team have experience with Video SEO and are always happy to take the time to advise our clients on the latest methods to achieve the most effective results in search engines for your business using your video.

We can also provide a looped version of your video for displaying at Trade Shows or in office/ reception environments.

End Product
Story Telling

Aptivating Story-Telling

People love stories, it’s how information has been passed from generation to generation since the beginning of time. We take the time to get to know you, your company, service or product so we can best tell your story through the powerful medium of video.

Story Telling

Breathtaking Video

Our experienced videographers have both the ability to orchestrate stunning shots in addition to capturing those special spontaneous moments on video.


Polished Sound Design

Finding the perfect music track, recording high-quality interview audio and adding foley/ sound fx are essential ingredients to creating engaging video content.


Professional Video Editing

Talented editing can make a good video a great video. Pacing, duration, style and grading are all areas we spend time considering before going into a new video production project.