Meet The Team

We’re a small team at One Stage Technical, with each of us specialising in different aspects of the business – some of us are more technically oriented, while others are more project oriented.

We all work together to build a team capable of completing any task.


Jack Bates

Managing Director

Jack originally freelanced for Element Audio before joining One Stage Technical in 2018. During The COVID – 19 pandemic Jack took the driving seat and took the position of Managing Diretor of One Stage Technical
Jack’s strong AV background comes from corporate events along with experienced knowledge of festival audio from working with market-leading companies. Jack is our client face booking events and supplying custom quotes, with a past as a musician and a promoter he understands exactly what your event needs and provides support to fulfil your events
Mike Vayle

Business Development Manager

Mike has been at the very heart of One Stage Technical since its establishment in 2012 as Element Audio. As the founder and Business Development Manager , Mike has used his time and knowledge to build the company from the roots, investing in only pro-grade stock and building a network with other industry-leading contacts.
Mike also has a strong knowledge of IT and has been leading development on our new cloud-based internet systems and upkeeping our website.


Chelsea Westlake
PR & HR Manager

Chelsea brings one stage into the 21st century, with a degree in event management and a strong understanding of modern marketing, social media and an eye for quality. She leads our digital content and is responsible for increasing the status and success of our events. when booking an event with us she will be on hand to ensure that everything you do reaches the people that matter. From collating trends and analytics to custom videos and photos. She does the important stuff that we can’t do.
Chelsea makes sure you are visible and is responsible for our Live video systems.

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