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Wedding Lighting

Festoon Lighting

With good reason, festoon lights are a popular choice for wedding lighting.
Festoons provide a lot of nice, warm light while also appearing elegant, and they’re a great backdrop for wedding photos.
Festoon lights can be used in a variety of ways for wedding decorations, including canopies, backdrops, as well as outdoors.

Fairy Lights

To create a warm and bright environment for your wedding, hire a fairy light canopy!
Fairy lights are ideal for creating a stunning backdrop for wedding photography while also highlighting venue characteristics such as exposed beams and high ceilings.
And then there’s the outside, light up trees and other features

Up Lighting

Uplighting, one of the most adaptable lighting techniques, is the ideal complement to other types of lighting, such as fairy lights, by delivering soft, fill-in light around the space to create an appealing, intimate atmosphere.

The lights might be static (single colour) or dynamic (many colours) (remotely controlled to change colours at different times of day).
Changing the colour of the lights is one of the simplest and most effective ways to change the ambiance of a room, and it’s ideal for shifting a room from subtle sophistication during the day to party mode at night.

Disco / DJ Lighting

Each of our lighting systems is custom-made to fit the needs of each individual venue.
We can build a huge, stunning system with complete access to the full range of effects in venues with a dedicated dance floor area, such as a separate room or behind a reveal curtain.

In venues where the dance floor is used for another purpose during the day, we may install a more inconspicuous system that fades into the background when not in use, yet comes to life and changes the room for the evening.

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